B2B Lead Generation

Tell us about your search criteria and required data fields. We can search by job title, name, function, seniority level, industry, company name, URLs, company size, company type, headcount, location, revenue, geography, keywords, current company, past company, type of services, school, profile language, relationship, years of experience, groups, profile URLs, Technology used, events, exhibition, directories, etc. Also, if relevant feel free to share the suppression list. We don’t provide duplicated data. Only pay for the number of leads you want.

Email Address Finding

Provide your prospects list, URL, spreadsheet, CRM access, or what you have. We will find 100% verified work email address. Every lead is hand-picked, and 0% bounce rate. Also, if relevant feel free to share the suppression list. We collect manually email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and company websites: our team, our people, meet the team, management, board members, about, etc. We don’t provide duplicated data. No commitment, only pay for the number of leads you want.

Email List Building

We build custom B2B email lists or lead lists for organizations all across the USA as well as popular countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. We use LinkedIn sales navigator and other useful online directories for creating your email list. The list can be created for your targeted job title, function, seniority level, industry, company name, company size, revenue, geography, keywords, profile URLs, the technology used, etc., or your search criteria and required data fields. The lists are current & each list is cleaned and verified.

Email List Cleaning

If you have an old email list of clients, purchased or scrapped a list, and are not sure which ones are actually valid and want to send them out. Then you need to scrub & verify them to be safe before you mail them out. We will do deep clean and hard bounce test (verify each email validity one by one). Clean your email list to keep only the valid emails. We’ll provide you service of email verification, remove duplicate emails, unknown emails, rejected emails, bad or spamming emails, syntax error, spam-trap emails, dead server emails, remove invalid and hard bounces, bulk email verification, email list cleaning, verify emails domain (remove bad or spamming emails)

Company Info. Collect

We collect company primary details including website, address, contact numbers, email address, locations, revenue, key contact persons, their designation, employment history, location, emails, contact numbers, etc. Also, we collect company details as per the client’s specifications. We identified various web resources for collecting reliable and updated information and input it into spreadsheets or the client’s database.

Company Database

We create a b2b company database with full details including company name, website, full address, phone/fax number, email address, city, state, industry, revenue, contact person: first/last name, job title, email, phone number, LinkedIn, etc. Our main data sources LinkedIn sales navigator, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, Bloomberg, angel.Co, data.Com, hoover’s, clutch.Co, YellowPages, WhitePages, manta, BBB, yelp, company website, google boolean search, google maps, and others useful online directories.

Data Entry

We provide data entry (online/offline), copy-paste, typing, CRM data entry, pdf to word/excel, jpeg to word/excel, data mining, business cards data entry, web research, web scraping, ms excel/word, spreadsheet, mailing list, Instagram influencer data collection, data conversion, contact details from websites, LinkedIn data collection, lead generation, email list building, email finding/listing, data collection from useful online directories if your required service is not listed above, just contact with us with all the details, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Web Research & Data Collection

We provide web research, data collection, data entry, b2b lead generation, email list building, email finding, LinkedIn sales navigator expert, LinkedIn research, finding key people from LinkedIn, database building, data mining, admin support, google spreadsheet, email scraping, companies emails research, social media research, find information from the website, collect contact details search from company or person, find business contact info, internet research, collect business details like business name, complete address, phone, email, website, categories, etc.

Virtual/ Administrative Assistant

Are you looking for a professional, creative, honest, organized, reliable, and efficient virtual assistant to manage your daily tasks? We are providing amazing VA service including daily administrative task with data entry, web research, lead generation, email address finding, email list building, finding key people from LinkedIn, database building, copy-paste, data entry from directories, email handling, social media management, customer service, and support, pdf conversion, CRM data entry, typing, etc.

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Tell us about your search criteria and required data fields. We can search by Job Title, Function, Seniority Level, Industry, Company Name, Company size, Company Type, Revenue, Geography, Keywords, School, Profile Language, Relationship, Years of Experience, Groups, Profile Urls, Technology Used, etc.

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